I run weekend workshops designed to give keys to unlock the creative process and create work that not only has depth and energy, but strives to help tackle the issues of identity and belief. They have proven to be very popular with students often re-booking for a second or third weekend.

In these workshops there is wide use of mixed media and expressionistic techniques.

If you are interested and would like further information on where, when
and fees, please contact me on: brettacourtart@gmail.com

Feedback from a weekend workshop May 2010:

"As an occasional painter wanting to expand my skills .... this was the most rewarding painting class I have ever been to. Brett dug deep and helped us dig deep to find source material in the medium. While I can't say I took home a resolved work, the sudden jolt out of the hitherto "pictorial" framework in which I have been working was immensely satisfying." Jeff Armstrong.